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Frank Jonen is a VFX freelance sup, experience designer, photographer and writer / director. A multi-hypenate of non-fixed career.

Freedom of Words

Since the iPad now became my favorite writing environment, I needed to do something about the lag I had with the virtual keyboard. You hold the iPad with one hand and tap on the screen with the other, or put it on your lap and hold with the other. While the freedom to put the screen wherever you want is great; the holding and tapping for long form writing? Not so much.

"Regarding a recent incident involving the website, Fitness SF and a website designer hired by the company, Frank Jonen, have resolved all disputes between them amicably and to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. Fitness SF and Mr. Jonen regret any inconvenience caused to Fitness SF members, and are pleased the interruption of web service was promptly rectified."

-Joint statement released by Fitness SF and Frank Jonen

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